By setting out with the intent to make push our fans outside of their comfort zone (and honestly to feel a little violated) it was important to us to be able to measure psychographics more so than the traditional analytics. All though, we measured those, too. We utilized tools from Bottlenose to help us capture this. 

We knew a key metric of success would be altering a participant’s behavior. We were able to see this take shape as people learned how to interact with the visions. Once they learned the rules of engagement, we saw error rates decrease and participants engage with the content with more immediacy.


We were able to create social blooms of roughly 48 hours with each vision release, but beyond that we saw a sustained engagement as people captured their experience of receiving their visions and then published that out over the three month period. As long as you hadn’t clicked on your vision, you could still experience it. 

They also started sharing the content in the same way it was received, with immediacy and by any means of capture possible.

We were able to create a powerful groundswell of engagement by combining our instincts with creative analytics without losing the world of the show.