To create that visceral reaction, we had to find a new way to surprise as the emotional point of entry. We turned the audience’s expectations against them. We weaponized time and took away the one thing they wanted to do, watch it again.

We figured out how to shock an "unshockable" audience.



To start, we released a vision of the future on social media, a full 5 months ahead of the season premiere.

Then we promised this power of The Sight to see visions of the future, just like the characters.

But like a wouldn’t know when it was coming.

We created an in-world experience that immersed fans to that emotional tipping point.

Then we took it all away.

Like a dream, the more minutes of wakefulness you experience the more it recedes into the subconscious.

Links burned immediately upon click and visions had a finite window of time to be viewed once a user clicked "play".