The idea of immersive entertainment is not new; from shadows plays to novels, video games and trans media to virtual reality. It isn’t the technology or medium that makes an experience immersive, it’s a great story.

We define immersive as the emotional "tipping point" where you are so emotionally engaged, everything else disappears. It’s creating invisible blinders. Your senses, emotions and mind are all connected to build the world of the story around you.

Technology can offer us some powerful tools to help create an emotional connection, jump starting you physically into a visceral emotional experience. It does this by physically removing all other surrounding stimulus or often by shocking you into the moment.

Our challenge was to create that same visceral experience without the help of a VR headset or any physical catalyst. 

Our charge: Engage fans during the "Long Winter" between seasons

Game of Thrones fans are the best and the worst. They are hyper engaged. You have their undivided attention and love, but it’s a high stakes game. 

We knew that we had to make the experience authentic and contextual to the show. To give fans what they wanted before they even thought it existed: a glimpse of what was coming.

After being away from the world of the show for several months, we had to find a way to create that emotional entry point back into the world of GoT…

We extended the world of the show to give the fans the experience of the characters - the power to see the future, or The Sight.